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All I want for Christmas . . . . .

Nananeecie started this conversation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am almost at the end of my rope as Christmas approaches this year.  I have no place to turn.  After a lot of prayer I turned to searching the internet for financial help and found this site where I am allowed to post my wish.

I'll try to make this as short and to the point as possible. . . . . in fact I updated this on 12-19 because the first draft was way too long. . . . . . . My problem started in late July of this year, (2006) although I didn't find out about it until almost the end of August. Through no fault of my own, my bank account (both savings and checking) were compromised and completely cleaned out!  Leaving me with ZERO, when there had been over $25,000.00 the week of July 1st!!!!!  My bank's Fraud Division is still investigating and will only tell me that the entire amount is rarely recovered! 

I am left with the task of trying to cover all the NSF checks that were returned for all my bills written in August - over $2800 worth of checks and extra charges! I have been unable to work since 2003, therefore it has been quite impossible to do this on only my spouse's income.  Each month new bills arrive placing the current amounts farther behind!

I am searching for any job I can do, but without success thus far. The water was turned off for 2 weeks while I ravaged through belongings to sell to cover the past due amount PLUS a $75 deposit they wanted.  Showering and filling jugs of water at my daughter's house to manage.  Same thing happened with the power, including their requiring an extra $100 as a deposit to turn it back on.  But, it was only off for 24 hours before I found something to sell.  I could NOT risk losing everything in the freezer. 

I've kept my car payment almost current, making a payment just prior to the 30-day mark.  But, that caused me to get behind on the HOUSE payment! As of December 1st, three payments are now due ($2800+) and I have no resources to which to turn.  I cannot lose this house!  We put a substantial down payment on it, and already sunk more into it with some remodeling, before this problem hit.  I'm much too old to lose it and not physically able to move belongings!  Besides, I could never come up with deposits that would be needed to move elsewhere, nor be able to rent moving help.

I tried applying for food stamps and assistance, but was told that my spouse "makes too much" to qualify.   Exactly $2 too much!!!! And no one will help us on the utility bills because he works! I suppose if we were both just lying around watching TV they would help?  Makes me rethink where my donations money will go in the future!

I cannot borrow anything from the bank, because our good credit is now ruined from getting behind.  Everyone wasted no time in reporting the 30-60 days past due items!  I also recently discovered that of the handful of job interviews I've had so far, most likely all disregarded my experience after running a credit check.  I had no idea possible employers can run a credit check until I read it in an article in the classified section of our newspaper!  That seems quite unfair!  My credit situation of present has nothing to do with my ability to do a good job for someone! And, of course, it will take a couple of years to repair it.  Sheesh!  As I stated in the beginning,  I am at the end of my rope.  I do not know where else to turn.  But, I will continue my job search.

I have even tried to think of a way to do a fund-raiser where many people might care to donate $10-$100 each to help total up the amount I need to keep my house. But, I'm embarrassed to spearhead this myself and not quite sure of the legalities of such a thing. How would I word something like this for a newspaper ad? And be able to keep my identity quiet? Without it appearing to be a scam?

PLEASE!  I don't where else to turn.  Any kind donation would be greatly appreciated  as I continue to pray for a more permanent solution.

I don't mind posting my email address, if anyone wishes to use PayPal to send a donation. I will gladly answer any question you may have, if you write me.  

God bless any who find it in their hearts to help. 

"And this too shall pass"

"Nana"  -   (please use subject line: Help for House) so I won't accidentally delete your mail, or in case it comes into my spam box instead.

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Hello Nana,

I pray that your 2008 is MUCH Better and Brighter!  Please tell me that everything worked out for you and your family?  I am new to this site and didn't even know that it existed until almost 1 week ago.  I wish that I could help all those in need, but I too, continue to pray for better days...

Blessings to you always,




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Today is Jan 31,2007 I am now down to the wire and still haven't raised all the money. They have given me 10 more days to come up with the back payments before starting the foreclosure. I just cannot LOSE this house and all the monetary equity and sweat equity I've put into it! PLEASE, if anyone can possible LOAN me the $3,000 I will work my tail off paying it back. Thank you

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Update: I have received a few $10 and $20 donations anonymously plus one $50 bill. Thanks to those people who sent them. I assure you, the money was put toward the bills. On Dec 29th, someone gave me 45 lbs of chickens breasts, and made a car payment for me. I was so overcome with the kindness. If you prefer to know any money is going toward the house, I will give you the name of the mortgage company to put on a check, and provide you with my mailing address.

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Got an email today. They turned me down. Said my problem was "too big" for them and they could NOT loan me a partial amount. My arrears can only be $999 or less for them to help me. Isn't that something? I'll keep trying. Went to the local Food Bank today. It was so wonderful! Those sweet people packed my car full, I've been putting it away in the pantry and freezer most of the afternoon. I'll be good for groceris for another couple of months now.

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999.99 is better then nothing...good luck :)

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Soulight. . . .Thank you for the sweet note. Prayer is exactly what I need now, for those who cannot afford to help monetarily.

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Thank you for the information, Skyhigh. I applied with them, even though they can only manage $999. Maybe I will hear from them soon.

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I am so sorry about your situation , Nana. I don't have any wonderful advice , or money to share , but I will keep you in my prayers. Holly

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